Why guard dogs supercharge mobile patrols

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Our mobile patrols visit a number of sites around the UK, they help to protect property and keep our clients safe, deploy a dog unit and intruders are the last thing you have to worry about.

Security guards are more efficient with a highly trained dog by their side, our canines are hard working, fearless and devoted to their handlers, they improve the effectiveness of patrols in the following ways.

Top reasons why guard dogs are so effective

Patrol dogs are really intelligent

Don’t be fooled into thinking dogs are daft. Some breeds are highly intelligent and they are easy to train, making them ideal for the security services. You can teach them to bark, subdue offenders, search for hidden objects or simply look threatening when confronted by intruders.

Dogs can distinguish between different words and hand signals, they respond well to verbal commands, making them good buddies to take on routine patrols.

Patrol dogs have amazing senses

The eyesight, hearing and smell of canines are vastly superior to human senses. Take them out on patrol one night and you might not be able to see or hear anything untoward but you can bet your bottom dollar your dog will detect any unusual activity.

Thanks to the heightened senses of patrol dogs, guards are forewarned and forearmed, ready to react in plenty of time when something suspicious drops onto the dog’s radar.

Patrol dogs are very athletic

You’ll never outrun a guard dog.

Sure, their handler might be lagging behind a little if an intruder makes a dash for freedom but a four-legged deterrent will be hot on their heels, ready to subdue them until backup arrives! 

Patrol dogs are brave

Guard dogs don’t really do fear. They are trained to protect their handlers and aren’t too intimidated when confronted by criminals, whether they are armed or not.

Dogs are brave, they’re fearless and ready to go to war if they have to, which is one of the reasons they make brilliant assistants for mobile patrols.

Patrol dogs look intimidating   

How would you feel if you were confronted by an 88 lb, snarling adult-male German Shepherd, baring its fangs, growling deeply, and looking like he’s ready to have you for dinner? Any brave or stupid thoughts about running away would quickly disappear.

Guard dogs look very intimidating, they’re super scary, frighteningly fierce, and the look of them alone in combat mode can be enough to make your knees knock. 

This is why criminals hate them but we adore them at K9 Patrol Security Services, contact us if you require mobile security solutions.      

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