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Fight back in the event of personal attack with these simple self defence techniques.    


Our guards are confident, self-assured and able to handle a range of security issues at K9 Patrol. This is in no part thanks to the self defence training they receive from by Pierre Mahon at the Kao Loi Gym in Harrogate, it’s a friendly setting and they provide classes for the general public too. 

Would you be able to cope in a one-on-one situation with an attacker? Not many people would yet with simple self defence advice they could fight back and send an attacker packing.

Basic moves anyone can try…

1. Reverse head butt

Being grabbed from behind is frightening. If this happens try to throw your head backwards. Hopefully if your assailant is a similar height you’ll catch them full-on in the nose, this is painful and it’ll give you precious seconds to make your escape.

The nose is a soft target. Hit this with your head, clenched fist or open palm and your assailant will see stars.

2. Shin kick

The body has certain weak areas. Hit these when you are being attacked and you have a good chance of escaping.

Take the shin for example. Drag a heel down somebody’s shin (the pointier the better) or kick this area and your attacker is going to feel plenty of pain.

3. Knee kick

Try to kick the side of the kneecap if possible. Not many people can withstand this level of pain.  A swift kick to the knee should incapacitate your attacker leaving you free to run away and raise the alarm.

4. Throat poke

Aim for the throat if you are cornered. Press a finger into the space between the Adam’s apple and the top of the chest to cut off your attacker’s air supply. Shut off their air supply and hopefully they’ll panic leaving you in a strong position to make good your escape.

5. Eye gouge

Push fingers or thumbs into eyes. This might sound gross but it really works. Eye pokes are painful, go for a thumb gouge instead and raise the pain levels even further.

Fingers crossed you’ll never have to use these techniques. Hopefully though, they’ll give you an extra level of confidence. 

All the best.

K9 Patrol


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