Top Dog Breeds For Protection & Security

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So, you want to know what the best breeds to have for protection and security are, well then we won’t disappoint! Here are the best and most capable breeds used for protection and security.

In History, one of the main jobs assigned to man’s best friend has been to protect its owner and guard against any unwanted visitors; people or animals. Some breeds are better at this than others, They have the characteristics needed to ward of unwanted intruders. Your Corgi might be tougher and more aggressive than your Rottweiler, but at a glance, an intruder would rather have to deal with the Corgi. But what are some of the best breeds for protection & security, and why?

Bullmastiff: This breed is known for its strength, loyalty & natural protective instinct. If an intruder comes across this dog, the likelihood that they’ll stick around to find out what happens next, is a minimum! They also make excellent household pets due to their docile nature around family.

Doberman Pinscher: You’ve seen them in the movies, the guard dog protecting all the rich, powerful people. This is no coincidence! If your home or property is large and hard to keep an eye on, then you’ve found yourself a winner. This breed is slim, agile and extremely quick. They’ll be at your intruders feet before they’ve managed to climb the fence.This breed also boasts being the ‘Fifth-Smartest dog’ in the world. They’re fearless, alert and loyal, everything you need.

Rottweiler: Originally bred for protecting cattle. Rottweilers are known for their relentless protection of their pack; this now includes you. They might look all brute, but these dogs are actually a very intelligent breed as well as being extremely loyal to their owners. Rottweilers are quick learners and are known for being wary of strangers until they get to know them properly.

Puli: Pulis are known for their suspicious nature. Always alert, these dogs are excellent at finding danger and warning their owner with a few barks. Pulis are extremely clever dogs, but they require constant companionship; adding to your security if you decide to get a second. They’re excellent pets for active families as they require a lot of walking, running and general exercise! 

Komodor: Komodor’s; used to protect herds of sheep, they have a natural guard dog ability. An active, loyal & courageous breed, these dogs are known for their dignity and strength. When properly trained to be obedient and socialised well, they make great family pets.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: Originally used to hunt lions! YES, LIONS! These dogs have a strong prey drive and are quite independent in nature. Ridgebacks are extremely loyal and have that natural watchdog instinct. ridgebacks are not usually known for being loud and barking, so if you hear yours barking there are usually only two meanings; You’ve got intruders or your dog is unlike most of their breed. Unfortunately, these dogs are not naturally obedient and like to do what they want, whenever they want! But, trained properly, with a stern hand they are excellent! They also love to cuddle and despite their size seem to think they’re a lapdog.

German Shepherd: German shepherds are usually the normal choice of attack/guard dog. This is due to their bold, confident and fearless nature. Add to this their exceptional intelligence and their ability to quickly learn new commands and you’ll understand why they’re usually the first choice. Within the household, they have a calm demeanor but are usually quick to react if they think their family or home is being threatened!

Staffordshire Terrier: Usually confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was bred for fighting bears and bulls. (Again, YES! bears & Bulls!) Their aggressive and protective nature makes them an excellent choice for guarding but requires them to be properly socialised and trained from an early age. Despite this, they make exceptionally good household pets, usually only know to become aggressive when protecting a family member.

So now you know! These are some of the best breeds for protecting and guarding yourself, your home or whatever it is you’re guarding against unwanted intruders! Now, give your’s a treat and a scratch behind the ear 🙂 

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