The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Security

By K9 Patrol 14/07/14, Posted in Latest News, Uncategorised

You are wasting time and money if you listen to bad security advice. Plus there’s no need, especially when there are so many proficient and professional security companies in the UK that set superior standards of service.

Still, that doesn’t stop some customers taking poor or misguided advice from so-called experts in the industry who should know better, and deliver a better service.   

To highlight this, we list some of the worst advice you could possibly be given, to ensure you never make the wrong decisions when selecting a security solution.

Misguided Security Advice

You Don’t Need a Tailored Service

This is probably one of the worst things your ‘industry expert’ could say. Every single client is different, whether they want personal protection, event security, static door supervisors, mobile patrols or a highly trained dog team, the risk management should be tailored to the individual client.

Tailoring the services enables you to:

  • Identify Risks
  • Analyse Security Options
  • Produce a Bespoke Security Solution

Accreditations are a Waste of Time

Actually they’re anything but. Without industry related accreditations, how can you be sure you are hiring a proficient security solution?

Accreditations are important for the decision making process. Find a business affiliated to recognised standards within the industry and that’s a sure sign of success. At K9 Patrol for example, we take training and qualifications seriously. We hold the SIA Approved Contractor status and are accredited by SafeContractor, CHAS, ConstructionLine to name a few.       

Continual Training is Pointless      

To succeed in the security business a company has to continue to evolve and improve their standards of service. Therefore ongoing training is required. This promotes personal development, whilst also keeping up-to-date with changes in the industry.

When new standards are introduced, changes within the law or improvements within the industry are made security businesses need to keep up, and continual training is the best way to tackle this.     

Unfortunately, being given poor advice cannot be prevented. Just make sure you do your research when you are looking for security services. Contact us here at K9 Patrol for the best advice in the business. 

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