The dog that took devotion to another level

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Whether you train a dog to protect your property, use it for security purposes or keep a four-legged friend as a family pet you build up a relationship with the K9 that’s based on trust. The bond between dogs and their handlers can be pretty formidable, dogs will literally fight to the death in some instances to protect their owners from harm. So we were touched at K9 Patrol when we read this story about a dog in Argentina that still wanted to protect its master after the owner passed away.

On first impressions Captain looks like any ordinary German Shepherd, however, if he could speak he would tell you an amazing story. Captain ran away following his master’s death back in 2006 and a week later Captain was found sitting by his grave. Miguel Guzman adopted Captain in 2005 to give to his teenage son but it soon became clear the dog had other ideas. He formed a loving relationship with Miguel and was so distraught after his master’s death he decided to protect his grave.

When Captain ran away the family thought he had gone for good until they visited their father’s grave a week after he had been buried. They found Captain standing vigil next to the grave where he has remained ever since.  At first they kept trying to bring Captain home but he simply ran away again. During day he runs around the cemetery for a while but quickly returns to the grave, and once six o’clock in the evening arrives he lays over the grave and settles down the evening.  

What’s weird is nobody showed Captain where his master was buried, he made his own way to the cemetery and even found the grave on his own. It’s a strange but uniquely heart-warming story that shows the level of devotion a dog can feel once it has bonded with its owner.

We like to think our dogs are well trained at K9 but we’re not sure whether they’d run to that level of dedication or not!

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