The Cleverest Canine Breeds

By K9 Patrol 02/09/15, Posted in Uncategorised

Dogs are smart. Make no mistake about this, your dog might act dumb but they’ll be using a clever ploy to get a treat, they’re clever, even if you don’t think they are!

We know our security dogs are highly intelligent here at K9 Patrol. They should be, they’re trained to the highest possible standards and perform admirably out in the field.

How smart is your dog though?

If they’re a clever canine they are probably one of these breeds.  

Border Collie

Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds around. Primarily they were bred to herd livestock which makes them a popular option for sheep farmers. They’re super smart, very easy to train, but need plenty of exercise. This is a dog with stacks of energy and it requires plenty of stimulation. Own one and be prepared for long walks, plenty of obedience work and a heavy investment in doggy toys.   


Poodles might look fancy but this breed isn’t just beautiful, it has brains as well. They love attention and thrive on being trained. This is why many owners enter them in agility or obedience competitions. Poodles love new challenges, not only do they look good, they are highly intelligent too.     

German Shepherd Dog

Strong and fearless, the German Shepherd is a loyal companion, making them ideal for security work. They’re a natural protector and are blessed with a high IQ. Not only are they brave, they have bags of brain power, which is a genuine asset in the security industry.    

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a mixture of speed, strength and intelligence. Used widely for protection purposes, this breed is highly devoted to their master. It’s a clever dog, needs regular exercise and responds well to training. Stimulate them and they make very obedient pets. 

Do you own a clever breed of dog? Maybe that mongrel isn’t as daft as they look!

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