The benefits of using security dogs at events

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All types of events, large or small, have to consider security. They are all faced with risks and challenges that may pose a threat to visitors or attendees. Whether a danger is likely or not, a fully comprehensive plan should be in place to both avoid and resolve any security issues.

To lower or eradicate any risks of danger, companies in charge of events turn to security experts like ourselves, and we’ve noticed that they are turning to professional canine security more than ever.

But why is that? What are the benefits of using security dogs at events? We tell you more…

Professional security

As a professional service, we can guarantee the highest standard of practice. We ensure that both our dog handlers and patrol dogs are well trained in the field of event security, as well as other forms of security.

Every event is different in some way, whether it is a festival in a large site or a gig in a smaller venue, which is why we plan and prepare for each event individually. We want every event to run as smoothly as possible, and ensure everyone there is under no danger so we will evaluate the venue prior to the event too.

Superior senses

The amazing thing about security dogs is their incredible sense of smell. Not only is their sense of smell far more superior to that of humans, but they have the ability to differentiate smells, even if they are faced with multiple scents around them.

This sets them apart to most forms of security, which is why they are a popular option as a safety measure at events like festivals, concerts and sporting occasions.

Each of our patrol dogs are trained to the highest of standards so that they are able to identify and detect illegal substances through smell, quickly and efficiently.


Not only our sniffer dog service efficient, but it is versatile too, making it perfect for all kinds of events. Our fully-trained dogs and handlers can position themselves anywhere they are needed, and can make their way to places quickly in case of an emergency.

Festivals and concerts can place our security dogs and their handlers by the entrance to the event for example, so they can combat any potential risks or problems of terrorism or drugs before entering the venue.

Sense of security

The knowledge that professionally trained canines and security experts are surrounding them can make visitors or event attendees feel more secure alone. Plus, as a ‘walking and talking’ source of security, they can be easily found if visitors are looking to report an incident or worry.

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