New Year’s eve safety advice for anxious pet owners

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New Year’s eve is a time for celebration, and many people choose to celebrate by letting fireworks off. All the bangs and whistles from fireworks are stressful for canines. Dogs simply don’t understand where this new and frightening noise is coming from. If you’re worried about your dog becoming frightened this New Year’s eve then follow our tips:

Stay indoors

If your pooch is particularly frightened during New Year’s eve it’s best to stay indoors. Not only will the noise be excessive outside, there’ll be flashes in the sky and smoke in the air which could send your dog’s senses into overdrive.

Close the curtains

Tempting as it might be to peer out of the window at your neighbour’s free firework display this won’t be very useful for your furry pal.

Keep curtains and blinds shut to stop Fido acting frenzied, it might just block out some of the noise.

Make your own noise

Turn the telly up or switch on the radio to block out some of the noise. Play music a little louder than normal and this might just block out all those excess sounds and calm your pet a little.        

Keep windows and doors closed

Dogs do crazy things when they are upset by fireworks. They can bolt, try to escape from the noise and you’ll find them hiding in the funniest of places.

Go around your home checking the windows and doors are shut on New Year’s eve. You don’t want your dog doing a disappearing act. 

Take them for a long walk during the day

Burn off as much excess energy you can during the day, take your dog for a long walk or let them run around the park until they are totally tired.

Hopefully by the time you get home all they’ll want to do is have a nice long sleep, they might not be able to settle fully but their lack of energy should help to placate them a bit.  


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