How to protect a construction site against theft and vandalism

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The construction industry is often victim to targeted criminal activity in the UK, including theft and vandalism. A lack of security measures within the construction industry is a very expensive issue. Here at K9 Patrol, we realise that construction sites need to seriously consider their security measures, and so we have provided a variety of measures you can implement in order to protect a construction site against criminal activity.

Due to theft and vandalism alone, it is reported that the construction industry loses £800 million each year on average. These costs include damage repair, plant replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business and increased insurance premiums. According to a survey conducted by CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), around 92% of construction sites suffer from theft. Also, there is around 2 million vandalism acts reported every year. Consequently, the construction industry should be very concerned about the cost and impact vandalism and theft produces.

Here at K9 Patrol, we recognise that crime within the construction industry is a massive problem and there is a great financial impact that crime has on the construction industry. At K9 Patrol, we offer several services that will help protect a construction site, saving you from potentially losing a lot of time, money, and business. Money spent on security services is very beneficial and is worth the investment in the long term. We have advised six different security measures you can consider in order to protect a construction site against crime.

1 – Accountability

Firstly, in order to minimise security risks arising on the construction site you should ensure that each employee is fully accountable and responsible for any equipment they may use by keeping and recording an inventory of equipment. Moreover, to avoid the risk of stolen tools, you could encourage employees to bring their own tools to the construction site. Also, if employees are held accountable for the use of equipment then it can discourage misconduct of behaviour committed by someone who works within the construction site. Accountability can help to solve this issue and prevent any criminal behaviour.

2 – Security Patrol Services

Construction sites pose significant security risks and so it is worth considering hiring a security company with security guards that are registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Security patrol services can provide enforcement specialists that monitor and safeguard the construction site when nobody is working. Often later and darker hours pose the greatest of threats and so hiring a manned guard to monitor the construction site can act as a deterrent for thieves, and can prevent any unlawful activity at the construction site, like vandalism.

3 – Surveillance Cameras

Installing CCTV can also act as a strong deterrent to anyone considering breaking in. By using CCTV, it will not only record and monitor if there is any security issues to be aware of, or any suspicious behaviour, but if your construction site is intruded then the surveillance cameras record the incident and this can be used to report the criminal activity to the police. CCTV evidence is very important and effective in the prosecution of offenders. Consequently, the use of CCTV can discourage and prevent criminals consider committing a criminal act.

4 – Intruder Alarm Systems

Another security measure that you may want to consider is investing in a wireless alarm system. Many criminals will assess a construction site before they intrude it, and you want to make it as clear and as obvious as possible that the construction site is very secure. If it is obvious that an alarm system is installed that will set off a distress signal when there is disturbance it makes a quiet and easy intrusion very difficult for thieves and so they will most likely avoid the construction site in fear of hassle, or worst arrest.

If your site does not require a permanent static guard then an alarm system with a K9 response team would ensure that the security on your site is never put in jeopardy. The 24 Hour support control centre at K9 Patrol constantly monitors the alarm systems for suspicious activity. Once an alarm is activated a fully trained mobile response team is deployed. On arrival the dog unit will complete a full perimeter search and if a security dog detects the scent of an intruder there will be nowhere for the intruder to hide.

5 – Community

In order to maximise the protection and security of a construction site, it is useful to display signs asking for your local community to report any suspicious activity or anti-social behaviour. Also, provide a telephone number or email address so that your community can easily contact you about any security concerns they have. Working with your local community and appealing for their help will encourage people to report any suspicious behaviour, and will also defer criminal behaviour.

6 – Security Dogs

Specialist security dogs can be used so that once an alarm is activated a team can be quickly sent out to the construction site. Once the team has arrived the security canine unit can complete a full perimeter search until they are satisfied that the site is free from intruders and security has not been compromised. If there is an intruder hiding on the construction site, a security dog will find them. If a security dog finds a trespasser then the security guards can carry out a citizen’s arrest until local authorities arrive. At K9 Patrol, each mobile dog unit is highly trained and experienced in tracking and building searches.

Utilising the talents, skills and characteristics of man, canine, and technology is the most effective combination to safeguard and protect a construction site against criminal activity. If you’d like to find out more about our construction site security, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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