How to keep your dog cosy this winter

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Follow our tips to protect your four-legged friend throughout the cold winter months!



Winter is coming folks so it’s the perfect time to think about how you are going to care for the family pet. Our guard dogs at K9 will be getting extra attention over the winter months and you can care for your own dogs too by following these simple tips.

  • How cold is it outside? Sure you want to take your pet for walks during the freezing conditions, they still need exercise, but can you reduce the amount of time they spend outdoors? If your dog likes to roam around the garden all day long, maybe cut their ventures outdoors a little and keep them protected from chills.
  • Is their coat adequate enough? Some long-haired breeds are fine during the winter, they have all the protection they need when there’s a nip in the air. What about short-haired breeds though? They can suffer during cold periods so think about getting them a dog coat, it’ll keep them toasty when you take them for a walk.
  • How about their diet? You might notice your dog sleeps more during the winter and doesn’t seem as keen on outdoor exercise as they normally would. This is fine but watch their waistline because less exercise can pile on the pounds, just keep an eye on their diet if you feel concerned.
  • Look out for blisters: Dogs can be prone to frostbite, just like humans, if they spend too long outdoors. Make sure you dry your dog off thoroughly when they come back from soggy, wintry walks and if they have been exposed to the cold look for warning signs of frostbite such as blisters on their paws.
  • Listen to whines: If you are walking your dog in cold weather and they start to whine they’re probably suffering from cold paws. A pair of doggie booties could be the perfect solution, they’ll keep your pet’s feet nice and warm.
  • Clean salt off paws: Finally if you go for a walk around your local area during the winter and the pavements have been gritted make sure you wash and clean your pet’s paws when you get home. Salt and grit can be highly irritating to footpads so give them a clean and protect them from this discomfort.   


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