How to have a safe Christmas

By K9 Patrol 22/11/13, Posted in Latest News, Uncategorised

In the build-up to the festive period we look at ways to keep your home, and self, safer

Are you getting that festive feeling yet? It’s only a few weeks until Santa will be making his special deliveries so there’s definitely a sense of excitement in the air. People are busy buying presents, they’re leaving them lying around the home and that makes them easy targets for thieves. We’re not happy about that at K9 Patrol so this is our festive guide to keeping your home and person safer.

$1·         Lock windows and doors: Be extra vigilant with doors and windows as it draws nearer to Christmas, lock them when you leave the property and get into the habit of locking doors when you are at home as well. Thieves are opportunistic, they’ll sneak it into your home if they think you are upstairs and steal anything they can lay their hands on, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

$1·         Use alarms: Put alarms on at night and when you leave the house during the day. Alert neighbours that all is not well and give burglars something to think about if they dare to break into your home.

$1·         Hide presents away: Presents under Christmas trees look gorgeous but they also look tempting to thieves. If they can see your tree through a window they can see the presents underneath it too, hide them away unless you are at home for prolonged periods of time.

$1·         Take care hanging outside lights: Houses look pretty when they have feature lights outside. They look less festive when you are splattered on the driveway after taking a tumble from the ladder. Think about your personal safety when hanging decorations. Get somebody to steady the ladder if you are hanging high decorations and make sure the lights are safe to use.

$1·         Be careful when shopping for presents: Thieves like to target the vulnerable and a person carrying armfuls of shopping is a sitting duck for muggers. Be mindful of who’s about you when you are carrying shopping back to the car, avoid dark car parks and crime hot spots if you can, park in well-lit public areas where there are plenty of people mooching about.

Hopefully these tips will keep you a little safer over Christmas, just try not to over-indulge with all that turkey, pudding and mince pies! 

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