How to get rid of lone worker worries

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There are a number of employed positions that require people to work alone, in remote environments, with little or no supervision. Safety is critical in these types of settings, the threat from attack or the risk of injury leaving a person incapacitated and unable to call for assistance, are just some of the concerns that have to be addressed.

Lone worker protection is a serious business, and here we cover some of the basic steps you can take to stay protected if you work in a solitary situation.  

Tips for lone worker safety

Tip 1 – Know the law

There are specific laws that relate to lone workers, in particular the Health and Safety at Work Act 1979 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, insist employers have a duty of care towards lone workers. Get to know the law and understand your rights if you think you are being placed in a perilous position.

Tip 2 – Stay connected

Make sure you have a physical means of staying in touch should you get into difficulty. This could be a mobile phone, GPS tracker, satellite phone or routine mobile security patrol, that regularly checks up on you with visits or hourly calls to ensure you are safe and free from harm.   

 Tip 3 – Be observant

Take notice of your environment when you arrive at work or depart late at night. Look for anything suspicious like vehicles which shouldn’t be parked close by or signs of movement that could indicate an attacker is present. Remain as observant as possible and search for signs or threats that might place you in danger, the more you hone your senses and use observation skills, the safer you will be.

Tip 4 – Park in well-lit areas

Consider where you are parking your car, especially if you leave work on your own late at night and it’s likely to be dark outside. Try to park near light sources where possible, this way, your movements are illuminated and anyone passing by will be a witness to any criminal activities.   

If you work alone or in remote settings you are bound to feel a little worried. Here at K9 patrol we provide round the clock lone worker support solutions, to find out more, all you have to do is contact us.  

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