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Christmas chocolates are just one of the handful of foods that are bad for your pet pal. This blog lists treats that are dangerous for your dog.


Here at K9 patrol we love Christmas, and with only one month to go we’re getting excited!

Whether you are prepared or not for Christmas this year, one thing you have to be extra careful with is the type of food you give your pet over the yuletide period.

Households tend to go a little crazy on the food front over Christmas and some of these items could be bad for your pet.

Festive choccies, for example, are just one of the items that could be dangerous for your dog if they manage to snaffle a quick treat.

We thought we’d point out some of the other food substances that could make you pet ill, keep them well away from the following items.


Yes, we’ve already highlighted chocolate as a toxin for dogs but do you actually know why it’s bad for them?

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which are harmless to humans but lethal to dogs. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is so keep your selection box well away from your furry friend this year.


Here’s a question for you. Why would a dog eat a raw onion? The answer is… because they can!

Worryingly, if a dog eats an onion, a shallot or garlic cloves in large enough quantities this can damage their red blood cells.

Keep dogs away from onions. It’s bad for their health and makes their breath smell worse than normal.


Who would believe a tiny little raisin would be bad for your dog’s health. Actually, any grape variant is toxic to a pup. If they ingest a raisin or tuck into a bowl of grapes this could lead to kidney failure within the animal.

The solution is to keep boxes of raisins and bowls containing grapes well away from your pet.


Here’s another surprise. Avocados are bad for your dog. The leaves, seeds, flesh and bark of avocados contain something known as persin. This is toxic and very harmful to your pet if ingested.

If you plan to put avocados on the menu this Christmas make sure you dog isn’t dining with you at the table!

So there you have it. Foods that are dangerous to your dog.

Take our advice. Buy a few treats from your regular pet food supplier and keep your dog happy that way. 



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