Five of the bravest dogs you are likely to meet

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Think your dog’s brave for barking at the postie? Meet these hairy heroes

Dogs are known for their loyalty and acts of courage but even we were surprised at just how brave dogs can be when we read about the hairiest heroes you are likely to meet. Prepare to be amazed by the K9’s list of heroes that are literally covered in hair from head to paw.

  • Diamond: What an apt name for a diamond of a dog. This gorgeous pitbull alerted his master Darryl when a blaze broke out in their home. Darryl managed to save one of his daughters but couldn’t locate the other so Diamond came to the rescue. He found the girl hiding under her bed in a state of shock. The clever pooch stayed with her and alerted firefighters of their presence before they were successfully rescued. What a gem!
  • Neo: This gorgeous husky was a real hero when his owner Marci had a hypoglycemic shock.  Neo knew something was wrong so sped for help to the nearest building and got people to follow him back to Neo. It’s like something out of a Lassie film but Neo saved his owner’s life.
  • Sirus: If burglars try to break into your home you definitely want Sirus by your side. He’s a German Shepherd cross that took a bullet for his owner. Sirus knew trouble was brewing and barked and scratched at the door to be let out. An armed intruder broke into the property seconds later but Sirus subdued him until the police arrived even though he had a bullet in his side. What a top dog!
  • Belle: Would your dog ring the paramedics if you had a diabetic seizure? Belle did, she somehow bit the 9 button on the phone and raised the alarm. As well as getting a doggie biscuit for her efforts Belle became the first dog to win the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award. She’ll be calling for a pizza next!
  • Appollo: One of the heroes to emerge from the awful aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Appollo accompanied by his handler, Peter Davis was one of the first K9 units to arrive at the scene, 15 minutes after the last attack. He nearly died from falling debris but stuck with the task of searching and rescuing people from the rubble. Afterwards this brave pooch received an award on behalf of all the rescue dogs that worked tirelessly at ground zero and he’s the type of dog we’d love to have working for us at K9 patrol.  


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