Features and Characteristics of Great Guard Dogs

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At K9 Patrol Ltd we train our security dogs to the highest possible standards, whether they are searching people, vehicles or premises, we know our security dogs are unbeatable on patrols and a range of different assignments, this is why we have the utmost confidence in their ability.

Dogs are loyal creatures that respond well to training. With the smallest amount of effort you can teach them to do amazing things. 

Spotting what makes a good guard dog isn’t that difficult. Get to know their temperament during the initial training phase and this certainly helps. In particular, look for certain characteristics to establish whether they will be effective or not when put to the test out in the field.

Here are some of the characteristics to watch out for.

Playful Nature

Look for a playful pup that likes nothing better than fetching balls, catching a frisbee or playing tug of war with their favourite rope toy.  Guard dogs love to play, not only does this make the training fun, it produces a security dog that’s eager to go to work.  

High Concentration Levels

Try to train a dog that gets distracted easily and this could be a recipe for disaster. Professional guard dogs possess high levels of concentration. They remain alert at all times and they are ready to respond to their handler, in any given situation.    

Responsive Nature

Dogs that are destined to work in the security field need to respond well to their handlers. You can tell how responsive a dog is during the training stage. If they are keen, pay attention to you and react well to commands, they’ve got a good temperament for the security business.

Willingness to Work

Guard dogs are generally eager to please their handlers.  They have energy and drive, and also possess a genuine willingness to work. If a dog shows signs of laziness, or they seem disinterested in certain tasks during the training period, there’s a good chance they won’t cut it as a team player.    

Over the years we’ve mastered the art of spotting canine characteristics here at K9 Patrol Ltd. Our security dogs and their handlers are trained to the highest possible standards. Whether they are explosive or drug detection dogs or general purpose dogs for static security, mobile patrols and event security you can be assured the right dog handling team will be selected for your specific assignment.

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