Effective ways to manage confrontational customers at work

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Learn how to deal with difficult situations, stay safe and remain in control.  

Our security guards, door supervisors and dog handlers are used to handling difficult situations, they remain cool, calm and fully in control during confrontational situations, as you would expect from a highly trained and a vastly experienced team.

Dealing with confrontation can be difficult if you’re not used to coping with argumentative or antagonistic people, it can be frightening and a little bit intimidating to be faced with this type of situation.

Coping with confrontation at work doesn’t have to be difficult though, we show you to deal with awkward customers in this next post.

 If somebody is shouting at you try to…

Stay calm

People often lose their temper when they are being confrontational if you remain calm this is a good method to diffuse the situation.

Retaliate by shouting back and this will only antagonise the person, keep cool and they’ll start to calm down.

Breathe slowly

Your heart will start to race when you are being confronted by somebody. This is natural caused by adrenalin soaring through your body.

Try to breathe deep and slow for a minute or so, this should slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and you’ll feel more in control.

Talk to them calmly

There’s nothing to be gained by shouting back at a person, this will simply pour more fuel on the fire.

Speak calmly to the person, you don’t want to sound patronising, just speak in a clear but reassuring voice to ascertain what the problem is.

Get to the cause of the problem

Some people like to vent off steam even though this might not be your fault. If you are representing a company for example that has delivered poor customer service to a client you’ll be the first person they see and you’ll get it with both barrels!

Talk the person, ask them what their concern is and get to the root cause of the problem.

Apologise where appropriate

If the person has a genuine cause for complain, even though this isn’t your fault, apologise on behalf of the company if needs be. It’ll be worth ‘taking one for the team’ just don’t take the situation personally.

This is somebody else’s mistake but apologise anyway, find out why the customer is unhappy, tell them you’ll do all you can to resolve the issue and act fast to reach a suitable outcome.

Nobody likes confrontation, learn how to tackle a tricky situation though and you shouldn’t feel as bad. 

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