Dog drives tractor!

By K9 Patrol 24/04/15, Posted in Uncategorised

We know our dogs are smart at K9 Patrol, that’s one of the reasons we love working with them. Whether they are used for drug detection, explosive detection, article tracking or building searches, our highly trained canines use their intelligence to see the task through. 

Rather bizarrely we read a news article about another clever breed of dog recently, it was a sheepdog, in Scotland, and it had a go at driving a tractor, with disastrous results. 

Surely that’s a security breach 

You couldn’t make this story up if you tried! Don, a four-year-old collie dog is the culprit in this adventure, he went from being passenger to driver in one simple leap and chaos ensued.

His owner, a local farmer in Abington, South Lanarkshire, had just exited a running John Deere tractor and forgot to put the brake on.  Moments later Don jumped onto the controls of the tractor, crashed through a fence, and sped across the M74 carriageway, before colliding with the central reservation and coming to a halt.   

Thankfully nobody was injured in this escapade and the only damage done was to fencing and to the farmer’s pride. It’s a bit embarrassing but it just goes to show how clever dogs can be and it also highlights why you should never take chances when it comes to canines.

Highly trained canines are smarter than you think

Obviously our dogs at K9 Patrol would never be placed in this type of position, they are highly trained animals, and work closely with their handlers, on a wide range of security tasks.

Dogs are still capable of doing crazy things from time to time though and they’re a lot cleverer than people give them credit for. We’re guessing the farmer in Scotland never envisaged that one day one of his sheepdogs would be taking a tractor for spin, even if this was a fluke incident.  

We can’t provide you with animals that drive farm equipment, but we can guarantee a quality security service, whether you require dog patrols or static guards.  

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