A Dog’s Nose Does What?

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A dog’s nose is a powerful weapon. We know this at K9 Patrol Ltd and we train our security dogs to the highest possible standards using their best asset for drug detection, explosive detection, person rescue and tracking.

Whilst most people understand that dogs have an amazing sense of smell, the vast majority of them won’t realise just how effective a dog’s nose can be. To put this into some kind of context we are going to explore some of the more intriguing aspects of your pooch’s hooter, did you know a dog’s nose is capable of the following?

Hanging onto scents

Dogs are renowned for having wet noses but have you ever wondered why this is?  Your dog’s nose is wet for one very good reason, to help the dog cling onto scents.  Special glands inside the nose produce a unique type of lubricant. This glue-like coating captures smells and it hangs onto aromas, which your dog makes sense of at a later date.

Smelling human emotions

When humans are scared their heart rate increases along with the flow of blood as well. This sends chemicals to the surface of the skin and dogs can detect this scent straight away. Canines can literally smell your fear so they’ll know if you are frightened by their presence.

Having unique prints

Did you know a dog’s nose is totally unique with its own individual print? A dog’s nose is just as individual as a fingerprint and you can identify different pups simply by examining their nose print.

Being multi-functional    

We know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell but did you also know they have a dual-purpose nose as well? Dogs have clever nostrils. Their nose houses a small fold of tissue which separates smells from air. This helps them differentiate certain scents and it breaks down odours, whilst diverting air into their body at the same time.   

Being social

Dogs use their sense of scent to understand more about their surroundings. Simply by sniffing the base of a telegraph pole they’ll be able to read messages left by other dogs and leave one of their own! Dogs learn so much about each other through their noses. It might look repulsive to us humans to see dogs sniffing canine backsides but they use this method to get to know one another, they’re just being social by using their noses!

See, your dog’s nose is more important than you think.     

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