7 obvious benefits of CCTV systems

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CCTV systems are at the forefront of crime prevention, we list 7 good reasons to invest in this type of technology in this latest blog post. 

CCTV systems aren’t exactly new but they have been modernised which means they are more efficient and effective today. 

We supply the Tag Guard CCTV and Intruder Alarm System at K9 Patrol, it’s highly sophisticated but very affordable thus making it ideal for a wide range of businesses.

What are the benefits of CCTV though? Why pay for a security system that includes closed circuit television?

These points are interesting…

1.)  You have 24 hour support – Invest in a CCTV system and you have eyes and ears on your business throughout the day and night. No longer do you have to lie awake wondering whether your business is safe at night, CCTV keeps a close watch over your company at all times. 

2.)  New systems are wireless – Modern CCTV systems offer a greater deal of flexibility. They’re wireless which means you can move them from building to building or relocate them if you switch business premises in the future.

3.)  They’re a visual deterrent to thieves – Place a few cameras around your business and straight away you send a strong message out to thieves. Criminals aren’t stupid. They spot CCTV cameras straight away and know their actions will be monitored if they dare attempt to break into your building.

4.)  They enhance staff protection – CCTV is good for preventing assaults in public sectors such as hospitals. It also helps to protect staff members where false claims of misconduct are made. 

5.)  You feel safer – Just having CCTV makes you feel safer whether you install a system at home or at work. The fear of crime is reduced thanks to security cameras. You know you have a greater chance of convicting criminals if they dare to breach your security devices. 

6.)  You save money – Prevent pilfering and theft from shops, install CCTV systems and place warning signs around your premises that state thieves will be prosecuted. Security cameras help you save money in the long run, shoplifters hate CCTV because of the evidence it provides.  

7.)  They help to prevent crimes before they are committed – Keep a close eye on security cameras and they allow you to monitor the movements of criminals. See something suspicious and raise the alarm, catch thieves in the act and provide the police with footage afterwards which they can use in a court of law.   

 Like the sound of CCTV?

Get a quote from K9 Patrol and step up security at your home or business.

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