7 fascinating dog facts

By K9 Patrol 19/09/14, Posted in Uncategorised

Fun facts about dogs any handler should know.

Cute, cuddly and classed as man’s best friend, what do we really know about dogs?

This blog blows the lid on doggy facts, keep reading the next post from K9 Patrol for fun and rather interesting truths about our trusted four-legged pals.

Did you know?

1. Dogs aren’t colour blind

For years, people misguidedly thought that dogs viewed the world in monochrome vision. This untruth has now been debunked, dogs can see in colour, just not as well as us humans.

Dogs are good at differentiating between yellows and blues. However, they do have a spot of trouble with reds and greens.  

2. Dogs dream just like humans

Sit watching a dog as they lie snoozing next  to you on the settee and don’t be too surprised if they start twitching, whimpering or making a few other strange noises.

It’s not just humans that dream, dogs do too, more than likely they are thinking about tucking into a nice juicy bone or tearing after a Frisbee in the park.  

3. Dogs don’t sweat

Actually, they do, just a little. The only sweat glands on dogs are found between the paw pads, hence the reason they pant a lot during hot weather.

4. Wagging tails have different meanings

A waggy tail doesn’t necessarily mean your dog is happy. If the tail wags to the right a dog is having fun, if the tail wags to the left they are frightened or feeling insecure.

5. Dogs have unique nose prints

Humans might have unique fingerprints but dogs go one better with a one of a kind ‘nose’ print. If your dog committed a crime and his nose print was on record he’d soon be in the clutches of the law.

6. Dogs detect disease

Quite remarkably dogs can ‘smell’ disease in human beings.  Family pets have been known to sense cancer in owners, they somehow tell when somebody is about to have an epileptic fit and have the ability to recognise diabetes in humans too.

7. The Golden Retriever tops the list of popular dogs

In the UK the most popular breed of dog is the Golden Retriever closely followed by the Cocker Spaniel in second place and Springer Spaniel in third.       

Hope you liked these dog facts. Don’t forget to check our comprehensive list of canine services. 


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