6 top tips on hiring security for an event

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Organising an event of any kind requires a lot more than just an idea for the day to come together nicely. Whether you’re planning a big party, a club night, a gig or a festival, you need to spend a lot of time researching, scheduling and preparing. It’s also really important to factor in event security.

When organising these kinds of events, you have to take certain precautions. Club nights and festivals see a huge range of people coming together to have a good time, but some people’s ideas of a good time can be different to others’, and sometimes, a good time can quickly turn into a bad time.

It’s important to prepare for the worst – not because we’re negative people, but because safety matters. You want everyone to feel and be safe at your event, and eliminate the chance of dangers – and that’s exactly what we want too!

So, what should you do to get the best security for your event? There are a few things that you should consider, including:

The type of security

There are a few types of event security that you can choose from: stewards, car parking valets, door supervisors, drug detection teams, manned guards, or dog patrols. Whether you want just one of them or a selection, opting for a professional security service ensures the safety and security at your event that you are looking for.

A professional security company like the team here at K9 Patrol will guarantee the best practices are carried out for crowd control, supervision and any other emergencies. They will be fully trained and well-prepared to handle all kinds of situations that may put people at your event at risk.

The venue

Every event needs a venue, whether that is a house, a garden, a stadium or a huge field. This could have an impact on the type of security that you choose to have. Consider things like the main entrance and other ways people could get in. Will you need access control to prevent unwanted people getting in? Will you need patrol staff to keep an eye on the grounds?


You can determine the right amount of security staff or security measures that you need by looking at the number of people that are attending the event. It’s important that you get the right balance between the two to ensure maximum security throughout the event. The larger the crowd, the more security staff you will need to manage the event efficiently.


Finding the right security company for you can be difficult. With so many businesses out there, it can be hard to know which websites or brochures you can trust. That’s why, at K9 Patrol, we value all of our customer reviews and testimonials. We understand just how important positive reviews and recommendations are when it comes to choosing a trustworthy and reliable company for your event. They give you the peace of mind that you need!


When choosing your event security, you should make sure that they are fully qualified and licensed to provide professional security services. By ensuring that all the staff possess the required SIA license and have been fully DBS checked, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your event security will be dedicated, well-prepared and fully trained to deal with a whole range of situations properly and professionally.

Check the team

Before the event kicks off, it’s more than worthwhile to arrange meeting with your intended security team. Not only will you want to meet them to make sure that they match the description and are dressed appropriately and professionally, but the security team will want to assess the venue too. A professional eye will be able to pick up on potential dangers that you might not. 

If you’d like to hire a security service that ticks all of these boxes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a wide range of services, giving you the chance to properly equip your event with high-level security to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Give us a call on 01423 551526 or email us at info@k9patrol.co.uk to find out more about what we can do for you.

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