5 of the most famous movie dogs

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Dogs that light up the silver screen

We train a variety of dogs at K9 patrol and some of our guard dogs are stars within their own right. We’re not sure if they’d pass an audition for Hollywood though like the following dogs did before they became immortalised on film.


  1. Lassie: Everyone’s favourite Border collie, if you were in trouble and you needed help, Lassie wouldn’t let you down. She had this amazing knack, people actually seemed to understand what she was saying as she stood in front of them barking. You could be lying at the bottom of a quarry or have slipped down a well and Lassie would bring a rescue team to your location.
  2. Beethoven:  A big St Bernard with a heart of gold and a very mischievous attitude. A star of two movies, Beethoven was actually called Chris but that wouldn’t have sounded the same for the film’s title. Even now, all these years later we can’t look at a St Bernard without wondering if he’s named after a famous composer.
  3. Marley: The adorable Labrador for the smash hit film Marley and Me helped the film smash the record for Christmas Day box office sales at $14,750,000 dollars. Without spoiling the film, if you haven’t already seen it, the movie covers 14 years in the life of Marley and you might want to keep a hanky handy at some points.
  4. Toto: Dorothy’s terrier from the wonderful film The Wizard of Oz was actually called Terry in real life. Terry was paid a salary of $125 per week for acting services and that was quite a lot of dog food back in 1939. Terry was actually a girl and her owner later changed her name to Toto because of the publicity she received from the film.
  5. Digby: This Old English sheepdog became the biggest dog in the world back in 1973 when he starred alongside Jim Dale in this fun, family adventure. In the film Digby drinks a liquid growth formula and grows to massive proportions with hilarious results. If you haven’t seen the film pick up a copy on DVD or download it and watch it with the kids.

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