5 home security tips for doors

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How to stay safe and feel protected at the same time;

We provide a range of security services at K9 and like our customers to feel safe at all times. Bearing that in mind we looked at simple but effective door security measures you can easily adopt in the home to keep your property well protected at all times.

  1. Fit deadlocks: A simple latch lock is easy to breach for a burglar so give them more of a challenge and fit deadlocks to your doors. Pick industry-approved locks that are renowned for being hard to breach and burglars will give up in frustration before they even get a foot over your threshold.
  2. Use peepholes: Don’t just fling open your door when the bell rings, make sure you know who’s on the other side.  Install a spyhole in your main door so you can view the caller, if you don’t like the look of what you see, don’t answer the door!
  3. Fit a card slot: Once you have used the peephole, ask for identification. Fit a card slot and visitors can slide their ID badges through the door. If the caller is at your home on official business they should have some form of identification with them, if not, ask them to call back when they have. Even if they provide you with an ID card you can call the company they work for and ask for verification before you open the door.
  4. Install a door chain: If you don’t have a card slot use a door chain or a door restrictor instead. Just open the door a fraction to speak to the person on the other side, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Use metal bars on patio doors: Place a rod in the track of your patio door to prevent it from sliding open if the lock is picked. This leaves the burglar with little option but the break the glass and the chances are they won’t want to do that because it attracts too much attention.


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