5 benefits of owning a dog

By K9 Patrol 28/01/14, Posted in Uncategorised

In today’s we highlight the benefits of being a dog owner. This is a must read if you are thinking of getting a pooch as a pet.

Our dogs are trained to the highest standards at K9 patrol and our handlers love working with their static patrol and drug detection dogs. We build quite a bond with the canines and know you will too if you get a dog for a pet. This next article looks at some of the joys of dog ownership, read on for further details.

Dogs are good companions: Live on your own and a dog is the perfect companion, they’ll quickly become your best friend. You form a formidable bond with a dog, they’re your pal, your ally and over the years you’ll experience many highs and a few lows together. If you want a faithful companion as a pet, you can’t go wrong with a dog.

Dogs get you out and about: Own a dog and it’s a good way to get fit. Dogs need plenty of exercise, some are more active than others, pick an energetic breed and they’ll have bags of energy which is better for you.  They’ll get you off the couch and into the local park, you’ll go on long walks together and improve your fitness levels as you go along.

It’s rewarding to train a dog: People say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can, this is just a myth. Okay, it might be slightly harder to train an older dog but they will still respond to a training programme. Younger dogs are a little easier to train and it gives you a sense of pride when you see them responding to your commands.

A dog will protect you: Dogs are known for their loyalty. They’ll protect their master and their family, warn you if intruders break into your homes and fight for you if they feel you are under threat.

It’s fun! Last but not least, it’s really enjoyable to own a dog, when you see your furry friend wagging his tail at the end of a long hard day at work, everything seems right with the world. Enjoy!  

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