Traveller / Gypsy Evictions from Your Private or Commercially Owned Property

K9 Patrol offers professional services for removing trespassers from private or commercially-owned properties throughout the UK. Under the common law, land owners and the landlord’s agents have the power to evict travellers/gypsies from their property. By using lawful and ethical methods, our team of experts in security services provides an effective and prompt solution for evicting trespassers from private or public property.

We are committed to delivering first-class services for all of our clients. Under the common law, the land owner and the owner’s representatives have the right to remove trespassers from their land. K9 Patrol guarantees to vacate travellers in a timely manner, which eliminates the need of waiting for several days for the Courts to issue a possession order. As the experts in the field, we are committed to obtaining peaceful re-occupation of your premises and allowing you to conduct your business without any unnecessary interruptions.

What K9 Patrol Offers:

  • Fast traveller/gypsy eviction services which avert the need of waiting for a Court order
  • Skilled staff in eviction of squatters and unwelcome trespassers
  • Canine security services that establish authority and respect
  • Consultation on the best methods of regaining control of your premises
  • A highly-qualified and trained team of professionals that holds the SIA Approved Contractors Status, the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance accreditation and the Health and Safety scheme, Safecontractor.

What’s the First Step in Dealing with Travellers?

The first step in handling trespassers on your property is speaking with them. Approach them peacefully and inquire about their situation. Not all travellers/gypsies are on your premises with a petty agenda. Some of them have no homes and nowhere else to go. As a result, they may settle on your property either temporarily, until they find a better place to squat in, or they might be under the impression that the land is deserted and no one is going to give them any trouble.

Inform the travellers politely that they are trespassing and that you wish them to leave the premises. If they agree on vacating and consent to leave within a couple of hours, you won’t need to take further action. However, if the travellers/gypsies continue to loiter and are reluctant to honour their promise, you might need to take further action in the form of contacting professional eviction services from K9 Patrol.

What Should You Know about Squatters or Travellers?

Keep in mind that when you are dealing with travellers/gypsies the course of action you can take depends on the type of premises and whether the land is private or public.

  • Private Land –there are two ways of handling trespassers on private land. One of the methods would be contacting the police and asking them to deal with the travellers/gypsies. However, you can only resort to this option if the trespassers are undergoing criminal acts, disturbance or disorders. The second method would be contacting a security company such as K9 Patrol that can act efficiently and ethically. By choosing this method, you can rely on us to handle the entire eviction process starting with issuing an eviction notice and ending with safeguarding the assets until the trespassers have vacated the land.
  • Public Land – eliminating travellers from public land is a lengthier, more difficult process. The Council has to be notified about the presence of trespassers on public land. The Council is responsible for proving the travellers don’t have consent for being on the premises, for ensuring the 1998 Human Rights Act and for enquiring about children’s welfare, health and education.

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K9 Patrol Ltd holds the SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services

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