You Did What? Secrets to Achieve Successful CCTV Installations

By K9 Patrol 21/07/15, Posted in Security Industry Updates

Your home or business is at risk if you’re not running CCTV right now. Closed circuit crime prevention is just one of the ways you can protect property.

Fitting state-of-the-art CCTV, high-tech cameras become your eyes. You can monitor live feeds from anywhere around the globe. Thanks to wireless technology, installation is a breeze.

CCTV is well-suited to a host of environments, its ideal for domestic properties, warehouse and construction sites. You see it outside schools, in car parks and hospitals. Cameras even monitor you as you walk around city centres.

At K9 Patrol we install CCTV security systems for a diverse range of clients. Here’s some pointers to consider:

  • Choose the location with care –  Camera positioning is crucial when you install CCTVs. Ideally you want to capture footage in close proximity to your building and eliminate unwanted footage that isn’t really relevant to your needs.
  • Think about the law – The positioning of the camera is also important to ensure you adhere to human rights. Pointing the camera away from your domestic property, filming your neighbour’s property instead, could result in legal action against you for infringing on their privacy.   
  • Go for good quality images – Whilst camera positioning is important it’s also      important that the images captured are of good quality. Choose equipment      that has the technical ability to stream the highest quality images straight to your hard drive.
  • Consider  the environment – Are the cameras suitable for the type of environment you have placed them in? If you are using them in commercial settings and want them to run 24 hours, could the light levels affect their performance?
  • Protect from Vandals – Once installed, are the cameras protected from vandals? Will they be easy targets or will they be secure and kept out of the clutches of anti-social behaviour? This is something that has to be considered at the start of the      project.

Run CCTV and you have a better chance of safeguarding your premises. We can provide CCTV solutions to match your specification at K9 Patrol, contact us for further information. 

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