Security Dogs VS Security Guards: What You Need to Know

By K9 Patrol 28/11/17, Posted in Latest News

There are certain things highly trained security dogs can do that highly trained security guards can’t, and vice versa. Both can be very effective for security purposes, but choosing between them for a certain situation or event can be difficult if you’re not sure what each excel at. This piece should help you with your decision and may surprise you with some interesting facts along the way.

Security dogs are great for… DRUG DETECTION

People will always feel uneasy being searched by another person, even if they’re not guilty of hiding anything illegal. The simple act of physical inspection can be complicated by laws and those uncooperative few, too. A security dog, however, can detect drugs by smell alone; bypassing the need to pat people down altogether. This makes drug detection faster and more accurate, as you might be able to hide a lump of powder or pills where a security guard won’t or can’t reach, but it is very difficult to hide narcotics from a dog’s nose.

Just seeing a security dog and handler could make some people carrying prohibited drugs leave the scene, too. The unpredictability of the dog might make them less confident to try and get away with something that they previously might have attempted if there was just a human on duty; you can always try and reason with a person, after all.

Security guards are great for… PRECISION

Dogs may have an incredibly heightened sense of smell, but they’re still no match for humans in a battle of brains. Sitting, rolling and playing dead are good party tricks but mean little when faced with serious decision making.

Is someone allowed to an otherwise ‘no entry past midnight’ club because their name is on a list? Should you wait for backup to arrive at a situation looks like it could get potentially dangerous? These are decisions and problems that a dog wouldn’t be able to make alone, and this is why it’s imperative that all security dogs are accompanied by their handler, at all times. It is now against the law for an unmanned security dog to be on site.

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Security dogs are great for… HANDLING AGGRESSION

You will find that most people will act differently around a dog and their handler; they know that these specialist dogs are highly trained to detect hazards and danger. The sheer presence of a trained security dog can help stop people from getting aggressive. If for some reason somebody is being aggressive, despite the dog’s presence, then this person is much more likely to calm down quicker when confronted by both the handler and the dog.

This means that the use of security dogs could vastly cut down on the aggression you face in the line of work. If you help run a venue or event, this reduction in potential hostility is ideal for both the staff and the customers and is key to a successful consumer environment.

Security guards are great for… COMMUNICATION

Being able to communicate with other guards can be important to maintaining control over an area, and adapting to situations when they arise. While dogs can act on certain commands when taught them, a comprehensive two-way conversation is beyond the four-legged animals. This means that for single requests like “locate” or “protect”, dogs can work very efficiently; but in situations where developments are expected, the communication abilities of humans may be preferred.

Security dogs are great for… SEARCHES

When a dog can so easily detect something as small as seeds of marijuana in the treads of someone’s dirty shoes, finding someone on a farm or section of woods is nothing to them. While you might need a human to react to a call informing them of a search or alert, canines are adept at pinpointing the location of someone and their noses are sometimes beyond any technology security and police forces can provide.

When possible, it is best to have a team of dogs with a team of guards. One will make up for the others weaknesses and vice versa, making them a formidable team that can prevent danger before it strikes and deal with it rapidly when it does. The most cost-effective solution is to have 1 handler and a team of dogs as this can be more effective than 3 or 4 static guards.

K9 Patrol can provide teams of security dogs, door supervisors, event security and much more – so please contact us if you require any of those services or have any questions regarding what we can do for you.

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