Is your site a target or a potential target for Trespassers?

By K9 Patrol 13/10/14, Posted in Latest News

Whether it’s protecting property, assets or people, it is proven that in these situations the most effective security solution may be that of a dog and dog handler team. People are well aware of the dogs’ capabilities and very rarely challenge them, whereas a static guard without the support of a dog is seen as little or no threat.


What can I do if Trespassers set up camp on my private land?

         Approach them in a non-confrontational manner and ask when they are intending to move on. If the trespassers are from the Travelling Community it is important to note that not all of the Travelling communities cause issues. Like with all communities there are people who are law abiding, hygienic and hardworking with strong morals and there are those who are not.

         If an agreeable date cannot be reached, under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, you can take proceedings in the county court to obtain an eviction court order

         Protect your assets and property. Ensure anything which could be at risk of damage or theft is secured. If assets are exposed and cannot be sufficiently secured under lock and key, then using a canine unit may be the most effective method. Find a reputable company, who can provide immediate resource to ensure the site is kept under control. The security company may also be able to advise you on the best methods of deterring Trespassers from using your site again.


Can I get help from the council or the police for Trespass on my Private Land?

        Council: No, as a private landowner, you are responsible for their eviction in a lawful way

        Police: The police have a duty to preserve the peace and prevent criminal activity. Trespass on land on its own is not a criminal offence. However more advise can be sought from the CPS website:

As a security company who specialises in highly trained canine units, an issue we are frequently contacted about is ‘Trespass on Land’. The specific enquiries we tend to receive relate to squatters occupying vacant properties and Travellers setting up camp on private land including Industrial Estates and Business Parks. We’ve also been contacted about incidents relating to trespassing on land for illegal parties and raves.


What may be at risk from Trespassers?

          Vehicles from quad bikes to cars, motorbikes to trucks

          Any metal that can be sold as scrap

          Fuel (Diesel, Petrol)


          Animals usually Horses & Dogs

          Damage to the land

          Damage to windows on nearby properties

          Disruption to business

          Threat to people


Whether you’ve been affected by Trespassers or not, make sure as part of your security procedures you have assessed whether or not your property or land could ever be a risk, and have a plan in place. Keep details of a security company on file so that you can act immediately. The sooner you respond with the necessary security, the sooner your assets will be protected.


Click Here for Local News Reports on Trespassing Activity


Images by Tim Cook, Harrogate Informer

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