How to avoid becoming the victim of a bogus doorstep caller

By K9 Patrol 22/07/14, Posted in Latest News

Don’t become a victim to distraction burglary, remain vigilant and follow this advice.

Doorstep scams are rife in the UK. The worst offenders target the elderly or the vulnerable members of society with the intention of stealing cash or possessions from the home.

The Modus Operandi might vary but the outcome is usually the same, victims are left shaken, out of pocket and angered by the violation.

We hate these doorstep crimes at K9 patrol, it makes our blood boil so this next blog looks at methods anyone can take to prevent them becoming the victim of bogus callers in the future.

  • Lock doors – Keep front and back doors locked whenever you are at home. Bogus callers are sneaky. One will keep you chatting at the front door whilst an accomplice sneaks into your property from the rear and has it away with cash or goods before you know it.
  • Peek out through windows:  Check to see who is calling before you answer the door. Look through the window if possible or use a spyhole if you have this type of feature fitted to your door.
  • Pop the chain on: Do you have a door chain fitted?  If so, use it! Slip the chain and open the door an inch or two, verify who is calling before you go any further.
  • Ask for ID: Don’t take anything on face value. Ask the caller for ID and check this identification before you even think about opening the door fully. If the caller is from an official source you can leave them standing on the doorstep, with the door shut, whilst you make enquires on the phone. 

Call for help: If you have any suspicions and you think this could be a doorstep scam call the police and report the incident. As a gesture of goodwill, contact any elderly or vulnerable friends/neighbours you might know in the local area, if the thief has tried to target you they might be doing the rounds!

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