A Happy Ending…………….

By K9 Patrol 22/11/14, Posted in Latest News

Several months ago Vets4Pets in Harrogate contacted K9 Patrol regarding a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) who was due to be euthanized. This was due to an unfortunate incident in the family home where the natural instincts of the GSD had kicked in resulting in a bite on an adult. The GSD perceived the adult in question to be attacking its owner but this wasn’t the case. For obvious reasons the GSD could no longer remain in the family home.

Vets4Pets wanted to explore whether there was any way of saving this beautiful healthy animal. After speaking with our team, the GSD was taken on by one of our handlers to see if the dog could be trained to be used in the security industry.

We are very pleased to report that he is being well looked after, and is receiving glowing reports from the specialised training we require our handlers to attend. Thankfully Vets4Pets made that call, and our joint efforts saved this dog’s life. Placing him with the right owner has given him the quality training he needed enabling him to channel his natural instincts and abilities in the right environment and because of this he is now thriving.

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