Top 4 security measures to consider when organising a large event

By K9 Patrol 22/11/16, Posted in Industry Updates

Throughout the UK, large events take place all year round, such as music concerts, sporting fixtures, outdoor exhibition shows, firework demonstrations, festivals, summer fairs and more.

At K9 Patrol, we understand when organising a large event you have to prepare and plan the finances, the guests, the attractions, the logistics, publicity and more. However, have you thought about the event security yet?

Don’t worry if you haven’t given your event security any serious thought yet. We have created a handy checklist of all the security measures you should consider when organising a large event.

Static security guards can handle many of these security measures and hopefully whilst reading this checklist you will realise just how versatile, adaptable, and useful manned guards – can be for event security . (Don’t let the term static security guard mislead you, static security guards are very proactive and are far from stationary!)

  1. Car Parking

First of all, large events attract a lot of people, and so you may have already considered car parking for your guests. That’s brilliant. Now, have you considered car parking guidance and traffic management? The last thing you want is hundreds of people arriving at your event with no guidance or assistance. A lack of traffic management can lead to chaos and a few annoyed guests.

Static security guards may be a perfect solution to alleviate this problem as cars can be directed to park in an orderly manner, and security professionals can ensure that traffic related problems, congestion and accidents are reduced.

  1. Admissions

Secondly, have you considered how your entrances and exits will be monitored and supervised?

We want your event to be popular and enjoyable but also safe and secure. Static security guards can control admission and supervise entrances and exits to keep order, remove people causing disorder, and discourage the wrong people from attending your event. Security personnel can steward doors and quickly assess potential risks, such as under aged individuals entering licensed premises.

  1. Crowds

After your planning and preparation we hope your event is popular, however have you considered the possibility of overcrowding or anti-social behaviour at your event?

We hope that everyone enjoys your event and leaves feeling happy, however have you considered one potential cause of overcrowding? Overcrowding can often be a result of timing. Does your event end at one specific time? If so, you may want to consider the potential problem of crowding when everyone tries to leave your event.

In order to ensure that everyone is safe and happy, we recommend you consider static security guards for crowd management. Crowd management can ensure that a crowd is supervised and organised. Crowd control can avoid congestion, people being dragged along in the wrong direction, and people feeling annoyed or distressed. Can you imagine how awful it would be if your guests love the entertainment, and enjoy the atmosphere, music, and food but then the night is ruined because they are trapped in a large congested crowd that is at a standstill.

You may also want to consider whether alcohol is provided at your event. If so, it is worth considering the security measure of crowd management as alcohol can often lead to disturbance, havoc, and disorder if not managed appropriately, and in some instances can lead to dangerous and anti-social behaviour. It is advised that security measures are considered seriously so that your event will be safe, secure and enjoyed by everyone there.

  1. Celebrities

Finally, if a celebrity is appearing at the large event then it may be worth considering how you are going to keep your celebrity happy and safe. Whether you have a singer performing, a political figure speaking, or a celebrity chef demonstrating, it is worth evaluating whether you may want to consider some form of personal protection and VIP security services. You may have a celebrity with an overwhelming amount of fans or likewise a large amount of haters, and so it is important to consider their own personal protection so you can keep your celebrity guest well guarded, safe, and comfortable! If you keep them happy and safe, it may encourage them to return next year…

Overall, if you are planning an event and would like some expert advice on the different security measures then at K9 Patrol we can provide you with all of the information you need. At K9 Patrol, our security teams will be there for you before, during and after your event. As an SIA approved Security Company, we are a reliable, trustworthy and vigilant security service, that will implement all the event security measures that you need during the event.

If you’d like to find out more about our static security guards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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