The advantages of mobile patrols for your businesses

By K9 Patrol 18/07/16, Posted in Industry Updates

Mobile patrols are a method of security that can really benefit some businesses, offering the additional advantages of having a physical and responsive presence, unlike that of a security camera or alarm.

But what are these advantages? Whether you choose your mobile patrols to be done via foot or vehicle, here are the benefits that your business can see by adopting mobile patrols…

Keep an eye on an area

Mobile patrols are perfect for business owners that own a number of companies or buildings, or those that want to team up with other businesses in the area. Patrol officers offer around the clock protection to a given area, leading to a safer street or surrounding altogether.

By teaming up with other businesses, the patrol officer can simply incorporate each building into an efficient and comprehensive tour of duty to ensure that each place is fully secure inside and out. Consider discussing the option of mobile patrols with other companies in your local area so you can make the most of the rest of these advantages too.

Cover ground quickly

Put in place with alarms, warning signals and other security methods, mobile patrol offer you and your business an effective and immediate response from trained security personnel. Whether on foot or in a car, patrol officers can cover ground quickly, getting to an emergency situation in plenty of time to avoid any violations, or to catch those involved. 

Carry out a range of checks

By hiring a mobile patrol service, you aren’t limited to just visual or sensory security. Patrol guards can carry out a wide range of checks using all their senses, making them a lot more practical and active in their security checks.

Not only can they monitor and respond to alarms whilst they are on site, security guards can carry out exterior patrols in places which may not be picked up on by cameras or by alarms, including graffiti or vandalism, or other suspicious behaviour. They can also ensure that everything is locked up and secure, with proper inspection of doors and windows for example.

Offers flexibility and changeability

Mobile patrols can be changed easily and frequently, whether that’s to deal with an emergency situation or for the convenience of the business owner. The potential of variation also decreases the likelihood of crimes that occur as a result of a strict pattern of security checks or static security methods like cameras.

Build relationships within the community

One real positive of having a mobile security guard for your business or in your area is the ability to build a relationship with the community. This is something that is impossible for almost all other methods of safety and security – after all, you can’t have a conversation with a camera, can you?

The physical presence and recorded visits of someone that is trained to secure the premises or the area are guaranteed to be a huge comfort to everyone in the community. It increases that feeling of safety and confidence in employees and residents that can really benefit a society.

Deter future crimes

On top of that all-important feeling of safety, the development of relationship and trust between a community and a mobile patrol officer can also help to deter future crimes.

The hands-on approach of having someone who is dedicated to the safety and security of an area can be considered a disincentive for criminal offences. By having that loyal and personal relationship, local people will be more likely to report a crime, and be less likely to commit crime too.

A cost-effective option

Having a permanent or regular security guard monitoring the area will maximise your business’ security, minimising the risk of costly crimes and damage. A professional service will also ensure that all budgetary requirements are met, promising efficiency in anything that was agreed.

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