What to look for at dog training class

By K9 Patrol 09/12/14, Posted in Dog Training


Our dogs are trained to the highest standard at K9 Patrol, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a quality guarding service.

Before any of our canines are called into action they undertake a thorough training course which means they are totally prepared for any situation they might face out in the field.

We’d strongly suggest you train any dog to ensure they are loyal and obedient. The obvious place to start is a dog training class run by professionals. Over the course of a few weeks it’s amazing at how quickly a dog adapts and changes their errant behaviour.

Stick with it at a dog training centre and this delivers proven results. Look for some of the following when you visit a K9 training facility, these are the fundamentals to watch out for.

  • Friendly welcoming environment
  • Experienced trainers
  • Safe setting
  • Happy customers
  • Plenty of encouragement

As you can see there’s a lot to consider when you take your pooch to a training centre for the first time so why not break the process down and explore each of the essentials in more detail.

Friendly welcoming environment

You want to feel at ease when you attend dog training classes and you want your pooch to feel comfortable in their new environment too. Look for friendly welcoming faces that help newcomers relax, this is the sign of a fun and relaxing training centre.

The chances are, if your furry friend feels at ease when they first pad a paw into the room they’ll respond to the training a little easier.

Experienced trainers

Don’t waste money at an amateur dog training class. Look at the pedigree of the trainer, see how experienced they are and find out what they can offer you as a dog owner.

Look for knowledge and experience before you sign up for any training classes, the person in charge of the course should be an expert in their field.    

Safe setting

Without doubt you want your pal to be safe when they undertake training classes. Pay special attention to the training facilities, is the environment safe and controlled, do you feel confident your pet is being trained to the highest standards and are they safe in the setting as well?

Happy customers

Look around. Do you see happy smiling faces that seem to be enjoying the training classes? Are dogs wagging their tails and showing obvious signs of getting something positive from the experience? If so, this should give you extra confidence.    

Plenty of encouragement

Enjoy your time at dog training school and with plenty of encouragement you’ll want to go back.  You’ll benefit from support from the trainer and your dog will come on in leaps and bounds with good training foundations.  

Take your time when choosing dog training classes, take a leaf out of K9 Patrol’s book and teach your pooch the best possible habits.  


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