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Okay, you’ve found the perfect dog training class and you can’t wait to teach your pal a few tips and tricks. Start as you mean to go on. Don’t make the same mistakes many people do when they try to teach their dog good manners, use our hot tips to make your training regime a total success.

Tip one: Give clear instructions

When you are training dogs new skills it pays to be as clear and concise as you can. Don’t confuse your pal with puzzling instructions. They need precise commands to know what they are doing from day one. Be clear and consistent with your instructions to make this as easy as possible for your furry little friend.

Tip two: Listen to the instructor

Don’t try to run before you can walk. Your training instructor is there to help you, pay attention to what they have to say.  Listen, take note of what’s being taught each week and remember to speak up if you find any of the concepts a little confusing at first. It’ll do you good and your dog will get more out of it this way.

Tip three: Use patience

It’s going to take a while for your dog to understand and get to grips with certain concepts so don’t try to rush the training. There’ll be frustrating days and good days when they seem to grasp the idea of what you are trying to do really quickly, just try to be patient when you are tackling new ideas.

Tip four: Give plenty of praise

Your dog trusts you, they’re dependent on you and one thing they love is to hear they’ve been a good girl or boy. Heap praise on your pal when they do well with their training, reinforce positive behaviour and they’ll be more inclined to try harder to please you as their tuition develops.

Our K9 Training

Training a dog to be well-behaved is such a rewarding experience. We understand the value of positive tuition at K9 Patrol, our canine squad is taught to the highest standards.  All handlers and their dogs are required to attend continuous training (absolute minimum 8 hours per month) to maintain the high standards we expect. Most of the training has been undertaken at the South Yorkshire Police training ground, and is done alongside the police and their dogs. At this training ground they have 12 ACPO accredited Police Dog instructors who between them offer a wealth of experience in all elements of dog training. Each police instructor has their own area of expertise and each are involved in every aspect of training. All instructors have the National Learning and Development Awards and are AA1 Diversity qualified. The manager of the training school is also a member of the ACPO Standing Advisor Committee.

We also have an internal training programme which can be tailored to the specific handlers and dogs based on their individual skill-sets and abilities. Our trainer has vast experience of training security dogs both in the public and private sectors.


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