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By K9 Patrol 17/06/14, Posted in Dog Training

Whether it’s Glasto or the Leeds Festival, stay safe at music events this summer with these suggestions from the team at K9.

Festivals should be fun, they’re the place to meet fellow music lovers, have a few tipples and get swept away with the excitement and the atmosphere.  

Sadly, festivals are also the place where thieves like to ply their trade, plus you might spot the odd incident of anti-social behaviour which could dampen your spirits, bad behaviour is sure to ruin your festival mood.

Our event security will be busy this summer at K9 so we thought it would be a good time to share our safety tips with you, especially if you are heading to a music festival this year.

Have fun but stay safe, just follow this advice.

Stick together

Hit a festival with a group of pals and make sure you stay together, especially if this is the first time you have been to a live event.  Festivals are busy places, it’s easy to get separated from your party if you take your eye off the ball, stick together and look after each other.

Establish a set meeting point

Arrange to meet at a set point at least twice a day, just in case you get separated from your pals. Hopefully you’ll stay in touch but the meeting point is your failsafe, you’ll soon be reunited with your pals.

Don’t wander off into unchartered territory

Stick to the main routes, especially after dark. Avoid badly lit areas and never take a risk to go off with a stranger, you never know how this will pan out.

Keep your drinks safe

Avoid leaving your drink unattended at all costs. Even if you are simply sipping a coke you never know who might spike the drink.       

Try to be sensible

It’s easy to get carried away at a music festival. There’ll be plenty to drink and the opportunity will arise to sample other substances as well. Think about your personal safety though and carefully consider the effects that alcohol and drugs will have on you.  As a collective, make sure your group looks after one another, festivals are meant to be fun, you don’t want to end up in A and E!

Take care whatever event you plan on visiting this summer from the team at K9.


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