4 of the best guard dogs to protect life and property

By K9 Patrol 11/11/13, Posted in Dog Training


We train a variety of dog breeds for security purposes at K9 Patrol and a well-trained security dog is one of the best ways to deter intruders from a site or to prevent people from breaking into your home. This list looks at common breeds that are renowned for making good guard dogs, if you are thinking about getting a dog for personal protection, read this list first.

  1. German Shepherd: We like German Shepherds because they are easy to train and totally fearless as well. They’re big, bold dogs that ooze confidence and they’re very intelligent which means they are very easy to train. Used by police forces and countless security companies a German Shepherd also makes a very loving and devoted family pet.
  2. Rottweiler: People can be intimidated by the sheer size and scale of a Rottweiler but with the right training they can be putty in your hands. Just like the German Shepherd you’ll find a Rottweiler is an intelligent dog that’s very loyal to its owner. They are naturally wary of strangers so if somebody is stupid enough to break into your home your ‘rotty’ will soon send them packing.
  3. Doberman Pinscher: Great for large areas because a Doberman can cover a large amount of land in record breaking time. Dobermans are one of the smartest dogs you can buy, they’re also a fearless animal that’ll fight to the death to protect their owners. Again, proper training is required but if you are prepared to put in the effort the rewards are plentiful.
  4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Sadly the bull terrier receives a bad press because of its negative portrayal in the media. The problem lies with the ownership and the training of the dog, or rather, the inappropriate training the dog receives in the wrong hands by owners that train them for fighting or to use them as ‘status’ symbols. ‘Staffies’ are known as the original ‘nanny dog’ because they will sit by prams and protect the baby inside. They’re not naturally aggressive, make good family pets and will certainly keep your home


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