4 facts you might not know about the German Shepherd

By K9 Patrol 08/07/14, Posted in Dog Training

The German Shepherd was originally used to herd sheep in Germany but the breed is more familiarly known as a guard dog due to its fearless nature and loyalty to its owner/handler.

We love the German Shepherd at K9 Patrol, we think it’s one of the best breeds for security purposes – here are a few facts we thought we’d share about this beautiful creature.

Do I detect a hint of attitude?

German Shepherds adore their owners, shower love on this breed and they return that adoration in abundance, the same can’t be said for strangers though.

German Shepherds are wary of unfamiliar faces, they like to check people out and have a rather ‘aloof’ attitude to new people coming into their life. Unless their owner tells them everything is okay, you really have to be on guard when you enter the territory of this breed.

I’ll protect you at all costs

German Shepherds are renowned for their protective instincts. They’ll fight for their family, to the death if needs be, they have a huge bark and if that doesn’t work, they’ll be more than happy to defend their home.

It’s no wonder German Shepherds are used for security purposes, however, they make good family pets because they are naturals when it comes to protecting the domestic abode. 

I’m clever

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds of canines.  You’ll have no problems training this breed, they pick up simple commands with ease and it won’t take you long until you have an obedient and loyal dog on your hands.  

I need plenty of exercise!

Don’t expect a German Shepherd to be happy sat around doing nothing. They like to keep busy, they need regular walks and if they don’t get the exercise they need they become a little restless.

Give your German Shepherd plenty of exercise and they’ll be fine. Skip the odd walk or two and you could end up with a restless pup that barks too much and can be a little destructive around the home.

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